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I will keep you safe, Kirill Semenovitch

New, painterly AI portraiture series by 9 Artists. Each piece is a 1 of 1 physical oil painting created by Artmatr.

Remaining works available as 24h triggered reserve auctions.

Final day to redeem paintings: Feb 15, 2024


Reflections is an exhibition of new portrait series by 9 extraordinary artists at the forefront of art-making using AI: Ira Greenberg, Kirill Semenovich, Danielle King, Jenni Pasanen, Str4ngeThing, Francien Krieg, ClownVamp, Chelsea Jones, and Lily Illo.

These artists have each established a practice of creating highly personal figurative works across their own unique interpretations of painterly styles. Given the power of portraits to share something deep about identity and human connection, it’s no surprise that these artists working with AI are bending the media’s capabilities to meet the expressive visions of their portraiture.

This first of its kind exhibition showcases an entirely new way of bringing generative artworks to collector’s homes, using the revolutionary new oil painting technology from Artmatr. Every piece from these artists’ series is a unique original oil painting that will be auctioned as digital tokens from Oct 30 - Nov 2, with the physical painting included in the price of acquisition.


Creating art pulls from within and reflects what’s beyond, like working in a hall of mirrors that repeatedly echoes oneself and their surroundings, even subconsciously. In this reflective space, subjects morph and recede with distance – faint reverberations still present in each observation, like memories of an influential past. No artist works without such influence, and their means of embracing, reinterpreting, owning and disowning the past to make something new are often the relatable connection points within the art itself.

Reflections is a show about how artists depict people from inside that hall of mirrors, and the revelations that occur from this process about what they themselves feel, what they see, what their attractions and fears are. That this artistic process is integrated with AI generated techniques, similarly reflects back myriad past inputs and adds a layer of identity that the creator must confront – is that identity shared or is it separate? That these amalgamated reflections are assembled from both the creative shards of the artist, and the AI’s computational ability to add infinite variation, leads these images to represent both noone and everyone. Through this ‘shared anonymity’, Reflections unites the diverse perspectives of artists working closely with figurative AI to explore identity, cultural influence, alternate realities, and emotion as ways of embodying our humanity.


Presence is Tender’s new take on large-scale exhibitions that encapsulate the latest energy in generative art by highlighting fresh works from exceptional artists – established and emerging. Each exhibition is curated around a theme that advances the generative medium into greater relevance, and will be released as a physical show and opening event in partnership with different galleries around the world. These shows make use of exquisite and innovative fabrication methods, and unites refined presentations of physical works with the practical benefits of tokenized art sales.

For more information about works in this show, or future Presence exhibitions, please contact us on twitter @tender_art or by email

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