Oil Paintings by Artmatr


Artmatr is crafting unique solutions for artists, using robotic technology to bridge the gap between the digital and physical art worlds. As the production partner for the “Reflections” exhibition, Artmatr presents their unique robotic oil painting technology to bring the tangible texture of brushwork on canvas to AI-generated art.

Digital artists, especially those harnessing AI, often grapple with how best to transition their creations from the digital realm to a tactile medium. With Artmatr’s innovative approach, these artists find a medium that respects both their digital origins and the classic allure of oil on canvas. Artmatr’s AI and generative software lets artists shape the texture and depth of paintings using a range of brushes and tools that make each piece as vivid in feel as it is in look.

The proprietary techniques of the Artmatr system employ a robotic system that precisely applies brushes and other mark making apparatus to white oil paint to create texture and movement while still wet, and then applies a layer of colored oil paint with the precision of the original digital file. The outcome is a dynamic balance that authentically accentuates the painterly quality of the art, without purporting to replicate works done by hand: it’s the vibrancy of digital art melded with the rich tradition of oil painting.

Through its role in “Reflections”, Artmatr illustrates its commitment to both digital artists and traditional art lovers. Each artwork serves as evidence of this synergy: where the brilliance of AI meets the canvas’ tangible depth. Visitors to the exhibition are treated to a unique experience, witnessing firsthand the transformation of digital designs into tangible masterpieces.

Artmatr’s involvement underscores a significant movement in the art world. By enabling digital works to come to life in physical form, they’re championing a future where the boundaries between the digital and physical realms of art continue to blur and evolve.

artmatr studio
artmatr painting process

Each piece in this exhibition comes with a 1/1 oil painting made by Artmatr’s innovative painting machines at the stated size. Paintings may be reedemed by the original minter or a secondary collector of a piece that has not been redeemed. Please consider when bidding or purchasing that the cost for making each one of a kind painting is included in the purchase price!

Paintings will ship in two waves: redeem by Nov 15, 2023 for the first wave, and by Feb 15, 2024 for the final wave. Paintings in each wave will ship approximately 4 weeks following these dates. Redeem your painting by connecting your wallet on your artwork’s page.

Flat shipping costs must be paid upon redemption: there is one shipping rate for destinations within the continental US, and another rate for International shipping.

Note that the physical painting for Painted Heads and Threads of Time: The Modern Allegories may be upgraded to a larger size for a one time premium cost (shipped as unstretched, rolled canvas).

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